“Truth Serum is about growing in our understanding of our own mind so that we can become active participants in our life, by using our capacity for thought to stop merely living on automatic, running away from what we feel, and succumbing to seemingly inexplicable and unhealthy thoughts and actions that do not serve us. It is living proof that we can change and that we have evolved to think about what we feel so that we can actively shed the mental hurdles that hold everyone one of us back everyday.”



about Jae



Humans are information based

Our psychological existence is based on information that we have accumulated and stored since birth. Information that became associated to feelings to help us respond to our needs. The proper information helps us fulfill our basic needs and live optimally. But when we lack information or at least healthy information about our needs, then it can prove difficult to fulfill them. When we don’t fulfill our basic needs we may wind up experiencing unwanted symptoms as a result. Kind of like how some people get a stomach ache or get hangry when they don’t eat. 




Emotional needs

The thing is we don’t just have basic physical needs, like food, water, and sleep. We also have basic emotional needs that require emotional relief. But unlike with our physical needs, most of us were never given much information about our emotional needs or the emotional relief to fulfill them. Instead we’ve known a life dealing with the deficiencies of our unmet emotional needs – chronic symptoms like stress, self-doubt, anxiety, depression, anger, you name it, trying one lifestyle change after another with no amount of distractions, exercise, meditation, etc., having much of an effect for long without these symptoms coming back to burden our daily life. 


So what if gaining the information we’ve been lacking all this time about our emotional needs could start to change that?  What if we’ve evolved to think about our feelings to finally alleviate these chronic deficiencies, to rewrite our mind’s script, and experience a life that’s true to us? 


Mental Mechanics

 Represents the questions, patterns, and connections that I have observed and use to help me understand my basic emotional needs and address the deficiencies in those needs that resulted in the inner critic, insecurities, depression, anxiety, and more. 


Inner Truths

Seeks to facilitate introspection, emotional exploration, and discovery by confronting the parts of my mind that have held me back for so long. It seeks the truths that are often hard to admit to ourselves and that eclipse our emotional growth until they are acknowledged. 


Endurance Motivation

Works to build emotional endurance by finding familiarity in the hard feelings we often encounter. This helps me better manage difficult feelings, allowing me more space to make choices that are feeling-informed but not feeling-controlled.



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