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Unmasking the inner critic (YouTube Video)

What if you realized that the critical thoughts that pop-up and make you doubt yourself in the worst possible moments, aren’t yours? The inner critic begins to crumble when you stop to consider that the very thoughts and feelings that often make you feel vulnerable, insecure, and hold you back  – aren’t something you choose, aren’t something you want, and definitely aren’t something you knowingly created. For decades, the inner critic made me feel small and led me to interact with myself and others under the belief that I was not enough – cycling through unhealthy romantic, familial, and platonic relationships and self-sabotaging my way out of school, work, and life opportunities. In this video, I share the information that helped me unmask the inner critic, replace it with healthy self-appreciating thoughts, and take back control of my own mind. To engage with my own mind knowing I am not what the inner critic tells me, I am who I choose to be.


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