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The Patterns behind unwanted thoughts


Those unwanted feelings that hold you back, the thoughts that criticize or make you doubt yourself – they aren’t your fault. When I began to question the thoughts that made me feel like I was never enough, I came to understand that I never chose those thoughts and they weren’t mine to begin with. I realized that I could change these things by understanding the process that created them. Unwanted feelings and thoughts aren’t just random events that happen to bog us down for no reason. They are moving parts that connect through the patterns that help us function every day. Patterns drive our capacity to fulfill our basic needs, like food and water, so efficiently day in and day out. Those same patterns are behind the unwanted thoughts and feelings that often keep us from participating fully in life. In this video, I share about the two patterns I observed throughout my mental health journey that helped me gain insight into the unwanted feelings and thoughts that affected me for decades. Insight that helped me set aside the shame, fear, and confusion wearing down my mental health and gave me something concrete to start working on to improve my life. Because we don’t choose the feelings and thoughts that bog us down everyday, but we can choose to do something about them.


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